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Top Philanthropists Do This

(Hint: It's Not About Money)

Taking a break to think about and document what’s important to you—and why it’s important—can help you connect more deeply with the people and places you hold dear. However, few people take the time. Did you know that top... Read More

10 Reasons Giving From Your Will Is a Good Idea

You know a will is vital when it comes to distributing your assets to the people and causes you care about, but did you know that creating one has personal benefits? This is particularly apparent when you use it to give a gift to an organization you... Read More

Help Me Choose an Executor of My Estate

Part of writing a will is choosing an executor (in some states, this person is called “personal representative”). This person oversees the estate settlement process. Perhaps you have been named in a loved one’s estate plan.... Read More

Bequest Language for a Gift In Your Will

Please share the following suggested bequest language with your attorney to assist in drafting a will or codicil to designate the Unitarian Universalist Association as a beneficiary of your estate. Our federal identification number is 04-2103733.... Read More